09 October 2012


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30 September 2012

Inspecting the Territory

 This lovely cat is checking out the a neighborhood  before going through the fence. Hilarious to watch, the feline spent a few minutes looking around, perched there on the fence rail. When I walked farther up the sidewalk the cat looks back and forth at me, then the next yard. Very cautiously, he jumps through and hugs the fence making his way to the next yard over.

There are times when the right place and time find you.

27 September 2012

Old Things

Sifting through the layers of things accumulated over time is like looking at a photo album. Only now for me since the years lived are farther away from the final destination, the scent of their excitement fades faster.

Old silver plated objects are a favorite of mine. I notice there are fewer pieces showing up at yard and thrift sales. I'll don't use the Stanley Home Products salt and pepper shakers on the table. I use them for atmosphere. The flatware are handy for soup and cozy lunches in the winter. The vase appearances cycle with the seasons and emotions. And the old raisin box has broken so many times only the thicker wood ends have been saved.

The process of transition from Poet Whale to Maywyn feels like being at a huge rummage sale on bag day. There are so many nice things left to consider it's overwhelming what website host to chose or remain here.

In the meantime, I'm making a list of photographs not represented well in my folders.  The usual is to go out and take pictures of whatever happens to be there. That's fun. However, the foliage tour this year will be all about taking photographs on purpose. Composition is the priority when choosing the scenes to record with camera and sketching. Being more organized will be a challenge. I'm preparing like I'm packing for a month at camp.

Do you make lists of pictures you want to take?
Set out on photography tours as opposed to being a tourist?